Landscaping & Gardening Information

Landscaping & Gardening Information

What is Compost Tea?

Organic gardeners all know compost is fantastic stuff. But now, there's something even better and that's compost tea.

Learn All About Feng Shui Money Trees

A feng shui money tree is an indoor plant used in order to attract prosperity and wealth into any space. The feng shui money tree's botanical name is Pachira, and its care requires the average sun light and watering that any other indoor plant would need.

5 Simple Steps To Dividing Your Hardy Water Lilies

If you missed the springtime window of opportunity to divide your hardywater lilies, don't worry, it's not too late. Although springtime isthe best time, you've actually got the entire normal growing season toget it done.

Avoiding Unsightly Algae

Excessive organic matter in the pond provides nutrients foralgae, contributing to its growth. Algae can obscure the view ofcolorful fish, and more dangerously, it robs the water ofvaluable oxygen and releases harmful pollutants.

Building Liner Ponds

Surprisingly enough, it is usually in mid-summer that manygardeners begin to think about installing a small pond orwater garden. Ponds don't need to be weeded or watered, andthey can supply exuberant color in the form of water liliesand bog plants.

External vs. Submersible Pumps. Which One Should You Use?

For many people, it's never been a question of whether to use asubmersible pump vs. an external pump because most people havesmaller ponds and are used to just using a submersible pump.

Fish Health in Hot Summer Heat

Summer is over, but for many of us - the heat remains.Here a couple of things to do to keep your fish healthyand your pond clear going into winter.

How to Choose Between Goldfish and KOI

Many people have asked us over the years "Should I addgoldfish or KOI (or both) to my pond? The answer is "itdepends."Goldfish are better suited to smaller water gardens andponds, in the 50 - 500 gallon range.

Protecting your Garden Pond from Pesky Predators

Notice any fish disappearing lately? While herons are presentyear-round, water gardeners notice the challenges they bring tothe pond in spring and early summer when herons feed their young.An adult heron needs about 13 ounces of food daily, which isequivalent to three 6" koi.

Fertilizing Your Water Lilies...

Unfortunately, sunlight is not enough.Your water lilies will grow, thrive, and bloom much better if youget in the habit of fertilizing them regularly.

Hot Feeding Tips

Summer is the most enjoyable water gardening season and the timeto watch for potential problems caused by high water temperaturesduring extreme or extended hot periods.It's important to feed food that is easily digestible so fishbenefit from fully absorbing the nutrients.

Fall Pond Cleaning

Doing a full pond cleaning during the colder winter months can bevery stressful on your fish. However, if the pond is reallydirty and full of 'muck' - then you may want to consider itbecause all of the decaying organic matter in the pond can causeproblems if the pond ices over, and this begins to de-gas androt.

Keeping the Balance of Nature: Pond Water Maintenance

You might be tempted to let Mother Nature, tend to your backyardpond, and who could blame you? After all, she does a pretty goodjob of taking care of really big ponds, so why would yourbackyard ecosystem pose much of a challenge to her?Unfortunately, the fact is your backyard pond is only going toget some cursory attention from Mom; the rest of the work isgoing to be left up to you.In the "real world" chlorinated water doesn't find its way intoponds very often.

Toxic Pollutants & Their Effect on Fish Health

Once water temperatures increase in the summer months, fishbecome more active and produce increasing amounts of waste,leading to potential water pollution. Fish produce waste in theform of ammonia, which is broken down into nitrites then nitratesby beneficial bacteria.

Gardening Vertically: Fad, Emerging Frontier or Long-Overlooked Art Form

Sure, it makes sense that there's a buzz about vertical gardening-there are lots more of us to feed these days with much less productive land. "Let's make the best use of our diminishing resources," many are saying.

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