Landscaping & Gardening Information

Landscaping & Gardening Information

My Spring Bulbs Wont Bloom - Why?

You can hear the wailing from here. "Why aren't my bulbs blooming?" "There are a lot of leaves on them but not a single flower.

How To Grow Luscious Tomatoes

The tomato is the most commonly grown vegetable in theStates. Here are some tips on how to grow your ownbountiful crop of tomatoes.

Easy Care Of Phalaenopsis

Do you have a knack for being with moths? Most people would say, "no way". Yet, the moth orchids that I am talking about are the ones that sway nicely in the breeze and some of the newer hybrids have a nice fragrance.

How to Care for Your Outdoor Water Fountains

Garden lovers around the world love putting fountains among their flowers, plants, bushes and shrubs. And with the Christmas season upon us in the U.

Gift Ideas for Bird Lovers

Some of the best gifts you can give to a bird lover are those that have to do with birds! :)Here are a few favorites of all bird lovers:* Bird HousesYou can find a wide variety of bird house designs and styles. Usually anyone that really loves birds also really loves different types of bird houses too.

Gardening--Fun and Frugal!

Whether you are an avid vegetable gardener, a beginning herb gardener or just like to have a pretty yard, these frugal tips may help you save a little money!1. Stale coffee and coffee grounds make great organic fertilizer.

Choosing the Proper Pond Pump

Whether you have a preformed or a liner pond, a pond pump is a paramount component of any water feature. Stagnant bodies of water attract mosquito infestations, which are a nuisance, and also undesirable, due to the recent outbreaks of the West Nile virus.

The Sundial - Garden Ornament or Exotic Timepiece?

Most of us regard a sundial as an attractive ornament fora park or garden. Their effectiveness as time keepers ishighly variableThat's unfortunate, because it is not at all difficult to ensure that your garden sundial will be an accurate timepiece, provided, of course that the sun is shining.

The Perfect Garden Sundial

Is it possible for a garden sundial to tell perfecttime?The chances are very good if you can make one yourself, or get one custom made for your location. But both thesealternatives will take either time or money.

Flower Meanings & History of Flowers

The charming and delicate beauty of flowers has fascinated people of all nations and backgrounds for centuries. Flowers have been bred and cultivated for their decorative beauty as well as their ability to heal diseases.

Choosing Garden Furniture

No matter how pleasant a garden is, it is not being enjoyed to its full extent if there is no where for visitors to sit and admire the beauty of the garden. Luckily, few gardeners are willing to sacrifice design for comfort and with the wide choice of garden furniture available today, it is rare to find gardens bereft of furniture.

Growing a Sustainable Garden!

Do you wish you could grow a sustainable vegetable garden? Now you CAN have a sustainable garden of your own in a very small space. And it can be fun and productive!Let's think for a moment of what motivates us to grow gardens anyway?Many of us want the taste of fresh picked-when-ripe tomatoes, corn, peas and etc.

Outdoor Living Cleanses The Mind, Body, and Spirit

Through the use of various mediums pertaining to the outdoors, like hot tubs and patio furniture, one can relax and enjoy nature. Don't stay confined to four walls and a roof, breathe and inhale the free, fresh air only the beautiful outdoors can provide.

Tillandsia Airplants - Dont Plant These Plants!

Watch out, it's a tillandsia! Have no fear, I said "Tillandsia," not Tarantula. Although several species of this plant genus have taken on the appearance of the ominous eight-legged spider, you can rest-assured that these plants do not bite.

Hydroponics Gardening - An Introduction To Hydroponics Gardening For Beginners

The Basics of Hydroponics Gardening.What is hydroponics gardening?Derived from the Latin Hydro, meaning water and Geoponics, meaning the study of agriculture, hydroponics is the science of growing plants using a solution of suitable nutrients instead of soil.

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